The Music of Black and White: Celtic Worship Site Music

My decision to throw in a battle with my sheep as background video has partly to do with the fact this creature defeated an opponent twice his size and the UK’s stereotypical adoration of sheep. I thought it was suitable for an Irish theme.*

Black and White was a game released for Windows in 2001. I found it to be quite entertaining once I actually learned how to play the game, but the music of this game is just awesome. I could complain about the graphics, and the bugs in this game can be quite frustrating, but that aside, it was truly a different game. Especially where I’ve never played Populous. And since this game is over 10 years old, I’m throwing in some gameplay for those who aren’t familiar.

*I added the word “stereotypical” because I know that the UK and particularly Ireland isn’t a huge rural area with nothing but pastures full of mutton.
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