Sadie Hawkins Dance


We had an assignment to make a music video for our Digital Applications in Film class. Here you go! The song is “Sadie Hawkins Dance” by the Relient K.

This is not intended for any money-making purposes and all that good stuff, don’t sue me pl0x ­čśÇ

Also, people, please don’t feed the trolls.

HEY GUYS!!! Just to clear up some things that seem to show up in the comments a lot:
1. YES, the main character, a guy, is played by a girl. We did it to be funny, ironic, and because honestly, we felt like it. Saying she’s an ugly guy, her air guitar sucks, she’s gay, a lesbian, or what have you, is rude and will have your comment removed.
2. Yes, we KNOW the quarterback’s jersey is a jockey jersey. Again, irony/just being funny. That’s also a girl, too. We know about football, becaues, stereotypes aside, we’re from Texas and go to a (typical enough) high school.
3. Insult the “girl so stunning” and your comment will be deleted. She is a beautiful greek goddess and a wonderful person, and just because you have different tastes and have the anonymity provided by the internet doesn’t mean you can be rude.
4. We attend (or did, we’ve all graduated by now) a high school in Texas. Unfortunately, the population of the high school is majority of white people. It’s not our fault. That’s just the demographic of the small school we attended. We can’t change who else attends a school and hence is in our video for the large crowd scenes. It’s not like we can pull a bunch of minorities off the street and be like, “hey guys, we need you to stand around our school for this video we’re making!”

That is all for now. Love!
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